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At long last, a distinction that rewards establishments who put an emphasis on quality of service- offered by staff- with a view of their customers!

There really are a large number of distinctions and seals of approval in the tourism, hotel and restaurant industries, but until today, there was still no recognition nor any validation for quality of service.

And yet, it is truly the quality of service to the customer that makes all the difference in their welcome, the service provided and the transaction with them.

A beautiful and very comfortable hotel room, a delicious meal and an astounding decor would be pointless without the human touch necessary to create a warm and respectful atmosphere for the customer.

It is precisely this “service button” that we wanted to reward...

A perfect service owes itself, before anything else, to respecting the customer in the smallest of ways and creating in itself the emotion necessary to build a loyal customer who will then become an ambassador for the establishment's business card.

An attentive, perfect and exceptional service also works through knowledge and application of the rules of etiquette and protocol in working with customers.

What customer is not attracted to particular attention brought specifically to them? For that, it is still necessary to know and apply codes of savoir-vivre in a natural way which allows us to distinguish ourselves in the concept of service.

It is exactly this “quality of service” that EAF-Etiquette à la Française- wishes to reward by awarding the “Gold Medal for Excellent Service”

Only establishments who have favourably responded to around fifty of the evaluation criteria for a service of excellence will be honoured.

This distinction is obtained throughout the year after several in situ and impromptu evaluation sessions.

The gold medal, accompanied by a certificate for excellent service will be given out across France and abroad and allows selected establishments to be part of the network of professionals who offer a service of excellence to their clientele.

There is no commitment involved. The only ambition is to motivate the establishment laureate to keep up their offer of exceptional service, which is a key guarantor of the longevity of the establishment and its reputation.

We are already congratulating the happy elected recipients of this distinction which is awarded at an official ceremony....

Anne DEBARD, EAF – Étiquette à la Française

31 July 2014

Gold Medal for "Excellence in service"

Gold Medal for "Excellence in service"

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