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It is impossible to satisfy a client and win their loyalty without being concerned about the quality of service offered to them. The client will always be the “king” and the staff will always be at his service. It is thus fundamental that the management of the luxury sector includes full training in quality of service, savoir être and etiquette codes in its training policies.

Distinguishing oneself from competitors in the luxury industry starts with training and the constant monitoring of staff.

The luxury industries have been totally unaffected by the crisis. Quite the opposite in fact, they are in a constant process of evolution and are more innovative than ever. One just has to take a look at the physical investments in decorating stores selling luxury products and in prestige hotel establishments and high-end restaurants to realise that the industry never stops innovating.

The decors adapt themselves to a new lifestyle, more modern tastes and differing expectations. Nothing is too expensive to please numerous international VIP clients who are looking for the latest trend. However, what has not changed is the human being hiding behind each and every client.

Admittedly, the client is also part of the “connected” world and today knows a different way of communicating and consuming. But at heart, he is still a human being who is sensitive to primary signals.

But what kind of primary signals ? Humans will always remember smells, touch, lights and sounds from their childhood. As adults, we remain sensitive and receptive every time that these memories come to the surface throughout life: whether it’s by touching a certain material, smelling a scent, hearing a voice or seeing an elegant gesture.

That is what we have to work with in terms of quality of service to please, satisfy and win over the client’s loyalty in any luxury service. We must seduce him using these primary signals !

But how do we translate these signals into “service”? This is the secret of quality of service, etiquette and savoir être training. It is first of all necessary to raise the staff itself’s awareness to the impact that all these exterior signs have on us. How an elegant gesture can affect us, how using the right words can calm us, and how an appearance can seduce us.

Once staff are convinced of the importance of these details in the long process of service, they will be capable of offering the same to the client.

The importance of psychology, gentleness and elegance will then be understood by staff before reproducing this attraction on the client. Of course, human values of respect, empathy, sincerity and kindness should be the basis of any service offered. These qualities have to then be part of the selection criteria during the recruitment process.

The main concern of luxury companies, hotel establishments and high-end companies needs to be constant in their inter-disciplinary application of excellent quality of service offered to their clients. This is the only key to succeeding in the luxury industry.

Anne DEBARD, EAF - Etiquette à la Française

Quality of service, etiquette and savoir être: The essentials for excellence and luxury
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