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23 avril 2014 3 23 /04 /avril /2014 20:24

What client does not expect above all else, flawless service and savoir être in all prestige hotel establishments?

Time spent in luxury hotels must be unforgettable and inspire dreams of perfection and excellence.

A client who has had a positive experience in a prestige establishment will be a loyal customer.

An unpleasant experience relating to quality of service can swing everything in the other direction and jeapordise the reputation of the hotel.

The hotel sector has always been one with a high turnover and is becoming more and more international in terms of its staff.

There are many young people who wish to have some kind of professional experience in this sector.

The client, however, in luxury hotels looks for the feeling of belonging to a centre of excellence which is able to drive tradition, values, excellence and savoir être.

It is there that the question of staff training in savoir être, etiquette and protocol comes into question.

No, we should not address a client from a 5 star establishment in any way we please. Everything is coded and holds importance: from a simple look to a simple gesture and the smallest word.

It is therefore fundamental that staff on all levels of the hotel trade acknowledge the inherent expectations of the client.

It is not only a response to the client’s wishes that he expects, but also the anticipation of service associated with it.

There is therefore no way around savoir être, etiquette and protocol training to ensure that staff always offer a service of excellence.

The internationalisation of staff needs this taken into account more and more, since it concerns offering French service and etiquette to clients in France.

France always drives a golden image surrounding savoir faire, savoir être and savoir vive… but for how much longer, knowing that we are being copied all over the world in terms of service?

Everything must be done in order to continue to excel in a sustainable way in the quality of hospitality service of our excellent prestige hotel sector in France.

Anne DEBARD, EAF - Etiquette à la Française

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